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traditional circus

Postby kevin » 16 Mar 2006, 18:12

Can I call on all supporters of traditional circus to write to their mp to ask for their support in rejecting proposals for banning animals in circus. Below is a copy of a letter I have sent and their is a link to the Circus Friends Association for further information as to how to submit your letter-it's really easy!

For doubters there is excellent scientific evidence to support animals in circus. This was commissioned by the RSPCA in an attempt to support a ban, but then buried when it didn't say what they wanted to hear

Thanks, in anticipation of your support


Dear MP,

Animals in Circus. The Animal Welfare Bill.

We are appalled by the announcement by Animal Welfare Minister, Ben Bradshaw, that plans are being made to ban certain wild animals from performing in travelling circuses.

A letter from the Minister’s department, dated 28th Feb 2006, stated there was no intention to ban wild animals in touring circuses. This week’s announcement amounts to another Government u-turn and is discrimination against all who work in classical Circus which has been part of British heritage for over 200 years.

Unfortunately the Minister’s decision is not based on sound scientific evidence and we believe it is a knee-jerk reaction to a vociferous campaign by a small minority of animal activists. We have 100% confidence in animal husbandry methods and believe that Circus proprietors provide their animals with the best nutrition, accommodation and veterinary care available.

The previous announcement of 28th Feb, approving the idea of the Regulation, was the result of almost 10 years of investigation and discussion. It seems strange that this long-term view should give way at such short notice to a sudden decision to ban.

Up to now we have largely supported the spirit of the Animal Welfare Bill, but we believe if the Bill were passed in this amended form it would present an unlawful restriction of trade against registered animal trainers in the UK and the rest of the EU, as well as denying future generations the unique opportunity to witness the truly special bond and relationship between animal and man.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence that wild animals can be properly kept in Circuses, including Dr Marthe Kyle Worthington's report commissioned by the RSPCA which has been buried by that organisation. (This can be viewed at the following website link Indeed animal circuses are regularly visited by the RSPCA and their have only been five prosecutions in 150 years. The arguments put forward by the anti-campaigners are reinforced not by facts, but by claims which are daily becoming more and more discredited - for example, the figures put forward from the MORI poll on behalf of ADI, which MORI has now withdrawn as invalid.

We have frequently witnessed and endured violent, aggressive and abusive behaviour from these so called animal lovers when visiting circus’s. These tactics and their biased manipulation of the media is akin to the tactics used against fox hunting. What will be next?

Fishing, Horse shows, Crufts? Indeed one of these organizations is even against keeping pets!

We visited Paris at New Year and visited a travelling Circus with a capacity audience of 5000. The circus was on the site from early November to Mid January. The Animal Welfare Bill is the ideal opportunity to regulate, beyond any spurious doubt, animal welfare in the circus and once again raise the profile of this much maligned art form and good honest family entertainment, to its former status as still enjoyed in the rest of Europe and the World. After all Circus was invented in England.

We ask you as our MP to look at the real evidence before you are called to vote in the house, and respectfully ask you to support our views.

In anticipation of your reply

Yours sincerely
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