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Re: And now for something ...

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2017, 20:29
by StoneRoad
StoneRoad wrote:I must apologise for the failure to update this thread :oops:

We've still been doing our thing and although I still have a bit of a backlog, I have been uploading images to Ipernity.
Hopefully, "Normal Service" will be resumed in the New Year.

Well, the best laid plans ... I'm glad that I didn't say when in the new year !

I have updated my website (apart from a few images) and I am currently working through uploading a large backlog of images to Ipernity.

Summary - The large carriage that has been taking up most of the workshop has been finished and has recently left for the Tanfield Railway, and we have started on a brake for the Knotty Heritage Train.

Hopefully, I can get (and keep on top of) the image uploads quite soon.

Re: And now for something ...

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 11:43
by StoneRoad
Quick note to let you know how things are going (being snowed in has had *some* advantages ! )

I am still playing catch-up with project images ...
completed (or almost so) are the albums for
a) NER 2853
b) the 3ft gauge replica / exhibit for Ravenglass museum
c) Bowes "Ordinary" 971
and then I need to get up to date with the "Knotty Brake"
as well as the many other random things I see ...

The Link in my sig takes you to my "album home page" so feel free to have an explore.