SAVEing Buildings at Risk, can you help?

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SAVEing Buildings at Risk, can you help?

Postby EAS » 12 Oct 2014, 13:42

SAVE Britain's Heritage has been a good friend to the Save Dreamland campaign, for many years.

It is seeking new Buildings At Risk to feature in new catalogue (Yes Scenic has featured in the past!) ... php?id=323

30 September 2014
We are starting our search for c.100 new buildings at risk to appear in our 2015-2016 buildings at risk catalogue, to be published next year.
SAVE is particularly looking for Grade II listed and unlisted buildings which are vacant and in need of a new use and/or new users. (The buildings do not have to be for sale to be featured). We are also interested to hear about Grade I and II* listed buildings which are at risk, vacant and being marketed for sale, but we aim not to duplicate English Heritage's register so our focus is on buildings in particular need of publicity.
If you have any potential new entries, please send information and a high resolution photo to Liz Fuller, SAVE's Buildings at Risk Officer, by 19th December 2014.
Ideally, we need the following information for new entries:
Name, address, location.
Is it Grade I, II* or II listed or unlisted and/or locally listed?
Is it in a conservation area?
Condition: the extent to which the building is, or is in danger of becoming, derelict or decayed?
Planning history/current applications?
Is the building vacant? We sometimes feature partially vacant buildings if they are being actively marketed for sale. Very occasionally we feature occupied buildings if a new use or a new user is being sought or it is on the market.
Context: is the setting rural, industrial, urban etc.?
Owner (we do not publish this information but it is often helpful for us to know).
Suggestion of the best future use - i.e. residential, commercial etc.
A good picture which we can print - we cannot include an entry without a picture.
Please contact: Liz Fuller,, 020 7253 3500,

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