Camelot theme park goes into receivership

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Camelot theme park goes into receivership

Postby kevin » 03 Feb 2009, 18:43

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Postby Gary » 03 Feb 2009, 19:06

Yes, I woke to this news on the radio this morning.. :(

Prime resorts were quoted 5 years ago on themagiceye that the park could close in 5 years..

Inevitable I suppose but sad all the same.


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Postby porterm » 10 Feb 2009, 22:29

Well, I did attempt to take advantage of a free entry ticket I had after their "Knightmare" roller coaster opened a couple of years ago. I went along as a side visit on my way up to the Pleasure beach last August with an American friend.

I was quite staggered, arriving at just before 4.30pm, that the park was actually due to close at that time for the day! (and I only really wanted to ride the coasters)

Gutted, and outraged, was quite an understatement for me that afternoon. Sadly, if they kept regular opening times like these I can only plainly see why they had problems.

I sincerely hope Knightmare can be found a good new home in another UK park (Dreamland, anyone?) Fingers crossed.

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Postby mesmoland » 11 Feb 2009, 20:57

Oh NO :cry: I was going to pop in on the way to Blackpool this year.It is very close to the Pleasure beach though, this must have always been a problem.
What a shame.
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