Le Blog 8 / 10: Liberty and Discovery Arcades

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Le Blog 8 / 10: Liberty and Discovery Arcades

Postby Gary » 28 Feb 2011, 21:51

It's your choice.

You can walk down Main Street USA towards Cinderella's Castle or walk towards the Castle under either of the arcades that straddle either side of Main Street USA.

Personally I love the arcades.

Both offer access to shops and cafes from the back and a whole lot more.

Both show Disney imagineering design off to the max.

On the right of Main Street USA is Discovery Arcade with its glass cabinets displaying early 20th Century Inventions. - Apologies about the quality of the image below.


There are several posters here adorning the walls conveying Victorian ideas for visions of the future.

Image Image

On the left of Main Street USA is Liberty Arcade which houses an exhibition about the Statue of Liberty: a diorama about the unveiling of the Statue.

This from the Disney Travel Service:

"..The Statue of Liberty Tableau is a diplomatic touch by Disney, emphasising Franco-American friendship and collaboration. The inaugural ceremony took place in New York harbour in 1886.

The 108ft (33m) high statue by the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi is made up of bronze strips fixed to a steel frame designed by Gustave Eiffel who made the headlines barely three years later when his famous tower was inaugurated for the 1889 World Exhibition.

'Liberty enlightening the World' was a gift from the French people to the American people to celebrate the centenary of the American War of Independence and French involvement in it.."


..Here endeth the history lesson. :D
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