The Seahouses Blog: Birds of Prey

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The Seahouses Blog: Birds of Prey

Postby Gary » 01 Sep 2012, 18:45

The scrunching of the loose gravel under the tyres as the car comes to a stop is usually a sure sign that my family and I have arrived at another attraction on holiday.

I'm not talking "in yer face mega-tech full day's out" here - Not those sort of attractions.

I'm talking an interesting couple of hours, perhaps off the beaten track stand alone attractions that are well worth anyone's time - but easily missed.

I like these type of attractions.

You begin by noticing a leaflet on a stand at somewhere like a motorway service station.

You pick it up.

You glance at it and perhaps that's all.

Sometime later you find the leaflet in your pocket and maybe read it again in more depth.

At some point you either decide to go or stop by on your way to some place else.

That's what happened when we visited Andy Howey's Birds of Prey Centre at The Barn at Beal during a recent holiday in Seahouses Northumbria.

On the side of a hill overlooking the Lindisfarne causeway we spent a good 30 mins looking at European Eagle Owls, Snowy Owls, Barn Owls and Kestrels in a small courtyard space.

Luckily we had timed our visit to coincide with a demonstration (There are a few planned each day)..except when we walked through an archway onto the field we were the only 4 people there.

That didn't matter..what followed was a good hour of a 1:1 Q&A session with the volunteers who were able to share and exhibit their knowledge and skills up close with each of us in turn.

To have these beautiful birds fly onto the glove we each wore in turn was a great experience.

A great day.

A great attraction.

Britain is full of them.
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