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Postby Gary » 27 Feb 2003, 23:22

I'm interested in the article, Nick, about the redevelopment of the old site at Morecambe...Although I cannot access it for some reason at the moment from the Joyland Homepage! :(
I visited the place about 6 months ago and did a bit of fishing (for info.)
A local fish and chip guy told me that the powers that be had not been able to sell the shop space and that the land was going to be turned into landscaped gardens!
I read also at the local library of Mr Thompson's anger with Morecambe council for not allowing a monorail he had planned some years back..
I find the whole debacle really sad..The Cyclone (as it was then) remains without doubt the wildest woodie I have ever ridden...and then there was the Ark and Haunted Swing and Scream Machine... I could go on.
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Postby AndrewEdwards » 28 Feb 2003, 09:36

We all know that Frontierland was not making the kind of money that the Thompsons wanted and Morecambe had lost alot of its popularity but i have to agree that the council as usual certainly got there own way with Frontierland. Ive also heard about Morrisons Problems and put a news article on my site a couple of days ago
but if its correct that the site may be turned into gardens, then i find that a total disgrace to the tourism of the Morecambe area, and certainly a kick in the teeth to the local business. They had a park with several historic rides that with some investment and improvements could have ensured that Morecambe remained a tourist destination. A garden will not bring anyone into the town and its a sad case again of greedy developers moving too fast and not looking at the long term inpact. This type of thing happened alot in the US duting the 70's and 80's with parks being closed for development and ending up as ghost parks. Now its happening in the UK.
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Postby Andrew » 28 Feb 2003, 15:26

It is really sad that we have lost Frontierland :( In years to come, I think people will remember and miss the Texas Tornado as much as the Bell Vue Bobs!

I am currently re-doining my whole site - I done that last year as well, but I can only improve it :) its been very popular and I am glad of it.

Gary, will be adding some pictures of the Scream Machine :)

Thats true about the lost Monorail, its a shame really as it would have went so well at the park, if it was modernised with new themed rides, ie... wild west again... it could have been so good.

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