Rhyl 1962: Brilliant Home Cine Film

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Rhyl 1962: Brilliant Home Cine Film

Postby Gary » 22 Feb 2014, 18:10

Marine Lake and Ocean Beach


Absolutely priceless! :)
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Re: Rhyl 1962: Brilliant Home Cine Film

Postby Nick » 22 Feb 2014, 19:07

What an amazing find! Two fantastic amusement parks. Marine Lake and Ocean Beach seemed to have very different characters, even though they were next door to each other, with one having more permanent rides (like the outdoor river caves [I am sure there is a technical term for this type of ride!], Peter Pan railway and large Figure Eight roller coaster), with the other having more of a fairground appearance with dodgems, waltzer, hurricane jets, caterpillar, gallopers - lots of round rides. That is the best footage I have seen of these parks.
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Re: Rhyl 1962: Brilliant Home Cine Film

Postby Borninthesixties » 30 Apr 2014, 17:54

Brilliant that, however without sounding like too much of a nerd, i'm trying to reference the double decker Ghost train Phsyco. I'm sure it would have been there in '62. Can anyone confirm this and point me to where it is, for some reason and from childhood memory(probably aware of it from 73-74ish) i thought it was near the Rotor? From this footage from the the Big Wheel i cannot see it.
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