Ramsgates Old Wooden Coaster

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Ramsgates Old Wooden Coaster

Postby ricardobugsy » 18 Jun 2015, 20:46

I found this picture on amazon relating to Ramgates old wooden coaster at Merry England.
Does anyone know what it was called or when this photo was taken?

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Photographic-Pr ... n+pictures
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Re: Ramsgates Old Wooden Coaster

Postby Gary » 20 Jun 2015, 18:07


I don't know off the top of my head but with reference to RCDB it could be either the Figure 8 which operated between 1926 - 1930


The Switchback which according to RCDB operated between 1888 to 1891
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Re: Ramsgates Old Wooden Coaster

Postby woody » 23 Jun 2015, 23:59

looks like the one at pleasurama? (German portable)
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Re: Ramsgates Old Wooden Coaster

Postby Simon Baynham » 09 Jul 2015, 11:08

After typing "RAMSGATE" into the RCML search function, I discovered that Martin Easdown's book "Amusement Park Rides" features three roller coasters in Ramsgate.

Page 12: 1888 Switchback Railway (occupied the full length of the 550ft pier)
Page 25: Roller coaster and water chute at Pleasurama Amusement Park in the 1930s.

Furthermore, NAPHA NEWS #100 features on its back cover a side-friction roller coaster at Merrie England Park at Ramsgate, England in 1930.

Simon Baynham
Simon Baynham
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