Rides Auction in Norfolk

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Rides Auction in Norfolk

Postby Nick » 14 Sep 2004, 19:19

Your chance to buy some the rides from the Village Experience in Norfolk, which is closing down. All the rides, buildings and other fixtures and fittings (including signs and displays) are being auctioned by Cheffins in October. The catalogue makes interesting reading. For example, you could buy Frontierland's Haunted Swing for only £1,000:

"850 * THE HAUNTED CONSERVATORY SWING 20' x 25' x 20' high, corrugated iron clad main building plus porch/reception area.
Built by the Blackpool Pleasure Beach as one of two (the second example remains at Blackpool) and installed at Morecombe Beach until it closed in the 1990's, subsequently acquired by Fleggburgh two years ago.
An unusual fairground attraction the original of which caused much delight in the early fairground days, and a ride not for the "fainted hearted"!
Estimate £1,000 - £1,500 "

You can download the catalogue here:

http://www.cheffins.co.uk/version2/vint ... gburgh.txt

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Postby porf » 10 Oct 2004, 19:13

I MAY make it up to this auction as I never can resist them (as evidenced by some of the stuff littered around the house).

I've been banned from bidding on the haunted swing (apparently it is too big for the back garden :!: ) but if I get up there I'll try and get a few photos of some of the lots.

Not likely to bid on much at this one but a good excuse for a weekend away.
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Postby Graeme » 17 Oct 2004, 18:17

There was a feature on this on Friday's Look East. I don't think they mentioned the Haunted Swing, but the Downhill Racer was prominent, as was the Galloper, which looked fantastic as it had lots of cockerels on it. It looked like a real classic carousel.

It was nice to see Joe Larter, the pioneer of Pleasurewood Hills. He set a really good tone for that park. It's a shame The Village didn't work for him though.
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Re: Rides Auction in Norfolk

Postby lolza22 » 01 Jun 2014, 06:16

Do you remember the village experience? Have you got any photos you'd like to share of this now long gone theme park? Please join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/824174817600637/
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