Alton Towers Coaster Refusal

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Alton Towers Coaster Refusal

Postby bpb daft » 22 Apr 2003, 18:02

Having read several articles and postings on various sites regarding the new Alton Towers coaster planning refusal, I feel the need to add my voice to this ludicrous debate. I realise people have a right to express their opinions, however, it makes my blood boil when people mount a CAMPAIGN to overturn a sound planning decision in order to get a rollercoaster built. I sincerely hope those wasting their energy soon realise the fools they make of themselves.

Here are the facts.

Alton Towers really shouldn't be where it is to begin with. The fact that the place exists at all displays the total lack of respect we have in this country for natural parkland, woodland and historical monuments.

Alton Towers is effectively in the middle of nowhere. The local infrastructure is nowhere near capable of playing host to a corporate theme park. It has no place being there, as there is no way of upgrading transport links etc. without huge destruction and upheaval to the local landscape and people. People who are mainly sick of having such an ugly, polluting monstrosity in their local woodland, not to mention the insane volume of traffic which passes through their villages in a monotonous procession.

Alton Towers has already pushed the boundaries of acceptability with regard to some of their builds. Local people (who have far more right to express their opposition based on sound reasoning rather than a motley crew of thrill seekers from far and wide with dubious credentials) are correct to repeatedly fight against Tussauds Ltd. Tussauds want to build for reasons based solely on greed; they certainly don't give a damn for the environment. Thankfully the sensible decision has been taken, although it will take vigilance to stop Tussauds extending their destructive and incompatible empire in this area of unusual natural beauty and bio-diversity.

Get a grip people. What is more important in such a location ? A money making machine squeezing more bucks from yet another bland roller coaster or the natural splendour which comes from the woodland and wildlife ? If you seriously think the former, you are on dodgy ground both morally and politically. I love my coasters, however, there are places where they simply shouldn't be. If you can't get your head round this ask yourself who is really to blame in the Alton Towers situation. If you ask me it's Tussauds ltd. Another faceless capitalist entity thinking of one thing only - the almighty greenback.
Take care folks and stay alive.
bpb daft
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