Folly Farm - Pembrokeshire

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Folly Farm - Pembrokeshire

Postby michael » 27 Jun 2003, 17:15

Not an obvious choice for fairground enthusiasts !- an adventure park based on a farm but it has hidden secrets !! - a vintage funfair as one of its attractions which has been rapidly expanding in the last few years

The owner apparantly, is a fairground enthusiast and has been buying vintage rides and fully restoring them

A vintage waltzer, gallopers, speedway, catterpillar (where the cover comes over), helter skelter, whip, ghost train and old type fairground stalls. All the rides have been fully restored and each has a sign on saying where it has been in the past and where it has been bought from

No roller coasters or white knuckle rides, but has a really good atmosphere of an old type fairground

You pay to get into the park about £ 4, then you have to buy ride tokens but its worth a look if your in Pembrokeshire

Im fairly new to this forum, so you may all know about this place anyway

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Postby Nick » 27 Jun 2003, 21:28

Folly Farm is a fantastic place. The best vintage fairground collection in the country, in my opinion. I always visit whenever I visit Oakwood. The place regularly adds new rides, and I believe they have added/are adding a Big Wheel, which will see the rides venture outside.

The good thing is, if it rains when you are at Oakwood and you run out of things to do, visit Folly Farm (a 5 minute drive away) as all the rides are under cover. I would thoroughly recommend Folly Farm.

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