Caterpillar rides

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Caterpillar rides

Postby mathmos » 14 Oct 2008, 13:59

Does anyone remember the caterpillar rides owned by greens and jimmy manning? I am a huge fan of vintage rides and i dearly miss seeing them at nottingham goose fair, The last time one attended was 2000! I always got a real buzz from watching jimmy mannings caterpillar ride at the goose fair in the 90s,It always rode full and was a great attraction to watch and to ride on especially at night with the modern lighting! (very fast for a ride that was over 45 years old and great fun going "undercover" in the dark), Its sad to see them vanish from the fairs,I always thought they were quite radical machines and the mechanism that operated the canopy was very clever and ahead of its time- the first caterpillar was invented in 1927-i can only imagine how exiting this must have been at that time as a new attraction. Does anyone have any pictures of greens old machine? i cant find one anywhere its so rare, If anyone does please would u let me
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