Ilkeston fair 2008

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Ilkeston fair 2008

Postby mathmos » 17 Oct 2008, 14:05

I took a trip to ilkeston fair in derbyshire last night, -seemed to be very busy for the opening night even with the credit crunch (very nice street fair and good atmophere). Was also good to see a nice mix of old and new rides like westons big wheel and bishtons cakewalk, along with the regular favorites like hollands alpine express that appeared to be very popular, harris's supreme waltzer (looking immaculte as ever) was also very good to see how well some of the older rides were still pulling the crowds- the super bob (not sure who owned it) was very busy and was riding full every time!-and boy was it running fast -(forewards and backwards)!!,All in all a good line up i thought! was well worth a visit! :)
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Postby Heinz57 » 21 Oct 2008, 21:31

Ilkeston Fair was certainly good this year.

I didn't manage to get on some of the rides I hoped to get on but oh well, they might be there next year.

It felt weird going through Ilkeston on monday and all the rides not being there.

I managed to get up on the Tuesday when they was putting up the rides. Got a few snapshots.

Bit disapointed that Big Ben and Equinox wasn't there.

It was still as good as ever though.

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