Metroland Wave Swinger spins again

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Metroland Wave Swinger spins again

Postby David » 03 Mar 2009, 17:40

Over Christmas the former Metroland Wave Swinger went into operation again at Glasgow's Winterfest.

The new owner Brandon Bishton has many plans for this ride when time allows. The ride has had 4 double seats added increasing the capacity to 52 and have proved so popular that 4 more have been ordered that will increase its capcity t0 60 riders a spin.

Photos by Niall Cockburn can be found here

The ride will do some fairs this year but it may go into an amusement park for the season.
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Postby FATBOY » 07 Apr 2009, 21:16

excellent pictures! this is on clacton pier at the moment (for a few weeks ive been told) its gonna look very good all lit up at night. :D
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