Circular Fairground Railways

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Circular Fairground Railways

Postby Chief Engineer » 24 Nov 2010, 22:59

With a bit of oil running through my veins and getting to that age when anything vintage and related to amusement machinery just grabs my attention, I am always on the look out for anything interesting in old books or magazines as a bed time read and one such find seemed too interesting not to share.

From a bundle of 40 year old Model Engineer books came this fascinating article on circular fairground railways. This was a first for me, I have seen smaller electrically driven circular railways but never with a purpose built steam engine.

Enjoy CE

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Postby StoneRoad » 25 Nov 2010, 20:19

Thanks for posting that article - fascinating!
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Postby woody » 26 Nov 2010, 11:14

most of the families mentioned are still traveling which is amazing, Tunnel Railways became popular because of the then plans to build the Channel tunnel from what i have read in the past
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