US National Amusement Park Historical Association

The Save Dreamland Campaign was launched by Joyland Books in January 2003 and is now supported by several thousand people. This is the place to discuss all aspects of saving Margate's famous amusement park and its iconic , Grade II listed Scenic Railway, Britain's oldest roller coaster.

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US National Amusement Park Historical Association

Postby porterm » 06 Aug 2003, 01:54

Hello all,

What wonderful news to hear that the above American Association has donated that vital award to the Scenic Railway. It must be just about the best news all week; just when I thought not too much was happening on the Campaign trail!

Many thanks to Sheila, who I thought spoke so well on her Meridian TV News feature on the Convention Day at the Theatre Royal. Her involvement should be honoured and commended. Well done Sheila and the Association.

Martin :D

(Let's hope this award can create more media coverage)
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