Anyone approached any major corps re:sponsoring attractions?

The Save Dreamland Campaign was launched by Joyland Books in January 2003 and is now supported by several thousand people. This is the place to discuss all aspects of saving Margate's famous amusement park and its iconic , Grade II listed Scenic Railway, Britain's oldest roller coaster.

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Anyone approached any major corps re:sponsoring attractions?

Postby Jim Douglas Jr. » 07 Jan 2011, 23:49

Just wondering if this was something anyone's looked into.
I know, more work asked of campaign members, but big companies LOVE to be associated with worthwhile HIGHLY VISIBLE FAMILY FRIENDLY projects. This includes beverage companies, beer companies, electronics manufacturers, auto dealers and manufacturers, large banks... It's nothing for some of these places to pop 10K or 25K pounds for something like this.

Each historical ride/attraction should have a sign detailing its history, and these could be annotated such as "Restoration of this unique Big Wheel (or whatever) generously sponsored by Pepsi/Rover/Petula Clark, etc" then include logos.

Companies will often also allow subsidies to be granted for exclusive rights to product sales and placements in venues. Coke, Pepsi, etc.
often they will advertise FOR that venue.
"Coca-Cola is proud to be the official soft drink supplier to the wonderful new Dreamland..."

I got a million of them.
I may have to move there and become promotions director.

Another one: Every year, there's the new car show that travels here and there. Why not at Dreamland? Sure, they're usually indoors, but these things draw thousands of people.
Ditto collectors car clubs. VW, Jaguar, etc. People PAY to get into them. I go to a VW shows that attract 10,000+ people the day they're held. At 5-10 pounds a head, that's money ABOVE and beyond what the rides make.
Remember, Dreamland will likely be an admission-free park so that locals can come stroll through and grab lunch or a coffee, or play some games. Amusements and attractions will have nominal charges, so any ADDITIONAL people you can bring in for paid special events is a huge bonus.

Being a non-for-profit venue, I'm sure there are TONS of acts that will come in and play for a percentage of ticket sales, or for a flat fee. Finding out if they would be profitable is easy enough.

Have a 10K run around Margate terminating at Dreamland. Runners love marathons and they bring corporate sponsorship with them, not to mention, filling hotels, etc.
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