VAT added to alterations to listed buildings

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VAT added to alterations to listed buildings

Postby EAS » 23 Mar 2012, 11:42

It has always been an anomaly that VAT was charged for repairs to listed buildings while there was no VAT charged on alterations.

There has been a longstanding campaign by heritage groups to have VAT REMOVED from repairs.

Quite why the government has added this extra layer of cost to works to listed buildings I do not know, but of course it will now add to the costs of re-making Dreamland.

EH Legal Director sent me this statement this morning: ... arch-2012/

22 March 2012

VAT - English Heritage response to the Chancellor's Budget Statement 21 March 2012

English Heritage has long been seeking a fair and balanced application of VAT so that listed buildings are not disadvantaged given the additional costs that can arise on specialised repair or restoration work.

Whilst English Heritage notes that the removal of VAT relief on approved alterations to listed buildings will eliminate a perverse incentive to carry out more changes to a listed building than are necessary, we recognise there is also a potential negative impact on private owners, charities and places of worship. We are currently seeking clarity on a number of detailed issues with HMRC in order to make a full assessment of the impact of the proposed changes.

In the case of places of worship, the Government's Listed Places of Worship grant scheme provides grants towards the VAT currently paid on grant-aidable repairs. We welcome the Government's commitment to extend the scope of this scheme to include VAT paid on alterations and look forward to seeing the detail of how the extended scheme will work once the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has discussed with stakeholders.

Clive Aslett has written a very good piece here in the Telegraph: ... ecide.html
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