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Re: Pay on entry fee

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015, 14:52
by EAS
Having actually been to Dreamland, I think the current system is the correct one.

There are parts of the site which are free to enter then pay for facilities, and you can buy an ice cream, drink, pizza, visit the shop without paying, play the arcade machines with bought tokens, and the Roller Disco and Octopus Garden are also not part of the main site but are pay to use?

On the park site itself, there is a great deal more going on than just rides, there's other entertainment too. That's available to paid ticket (wristband) holders. Opening weekend it was Wall of Death, Punch & Judy, and many others. Keep looking at the website, there's a great deal happening. I assume all these have to be paid for by Sands Heritage, and therefore those buying wristbands have paid for this too.

Also, if cash had to be taken for individual rides that brings further delays, security issues, cash security problems etc, ride operators are better employed welcoming people onboard and ensuring safety.

For many, the Scenic may not be the attraction.

Forget Dreamland as it was, it's not like that. I think it's pretty good value for money, at less that £15 for adults, for a full day and as many rides as you can get on.

I gather TV ads have been appearing, which is good.

Re: Pay on entry fee

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015, 15:07
by aweber1us
I had a day there on Saturday the park was packed as was all of Margate. It all seems to work well as it is , cant see a problem with it myself . Like you say its not just about rides we watched several live acts on stage for a while over coffee. The Speedway on the adult setting is worth the money on its own , i think it may also give the Scenic a run for its money .

Re: Pay on entry fee

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015, 15:10
by EAS
I can't wait to ride the Speedway and the Scenic!

The dodgems too I have a very soft spot for.

Octopus Garden is getting rave reviews. That's not part of the main site. ... us-garden/

Re: Pay on entry fee

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015, 19:16
by SuburbanHomeboy
Just booked up for visit #2 on Thursday of this week (first day of Summer Holiday!) and planning on going back for the Grease Sing-a-Long on Saturday 1 August - anyone care to join me?

So many great rides there now! Excited? Just a bit! :D

Re: Pay on entry fee

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2015, 21:37
by aweber1us
Tell who ever is running the Speedway you want an adults ride. They only let twelve adults on and sit them in the charriots the ride you get is something else.