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Ride availability and guest reviews

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2015, 23:08
by stuart
Recent days have seen a flurry of terrible or poor reviews on Trip Advisor and the main negative point is too many rides not operating. The reviews are still mostly positive but very conflicting - excellent and terrible on the same day sometimes.

Dreamland have today updated their website with a guarantee that at least 17 rides will be open at all times. At first glance this sounds reasonable but the current installed rides in the park total 23. 3 of them are not currently operating at all yet - scenic, grasscutter and kiss me quick caterpillar. That leaves room for another 3 rides to be broken or not in use at any time.

I went to the park on opening night and also went on the Sunday a few days before suburbanhomeboy's trip that prompted his 'second visit' post. I remember reading that post being quite surprised as it was completely different to our second visit experience - all rides open apart from the 3 that are SBNO. If you take another 3 away from the line up I can see why people get the impression that the park isn't ready etc.

The current line up:

Scenic *
Big Wheel
Kiss me quick *
Grasscutter *
Austin Cars
CC Caterpillar Coaster
Born Slippy
Dream Cars
Mirror Maze
Pirate ships
Crazy Mouse
Helter skelter
Top Spin
Swing boats
Double Decker
Jumpin star

I expect the grasscutter will open soon. Who knows about the caterpillar? It was the first ride to be installed during the construction and it still stands idle.
Hopefully all this negativity will fade away once the Scenic reopens - the star attraction will add masses of value to the entry price and atmosphere to the park. The structure, station and queue lines etc look the best they ever have but until it carries passengers and rattles and clacks around the track it's just another closed ride to the average (non Save Dreamland/local) visitor.

The park is looking amazing and the amount that has been achieved so far is truly awesome but the negative reviews are concerning.

Re: Ride availability and guest reviews

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2015, 14:01
by AJ
As I said in a previous thread unfortunately complainers always seem to shout louder and people are not quick enough to offer up praise. With social media a bad reputation can spread far and wide these days.

Re: Ride availability and guest reviews

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2015, 12:27
by AJ
It seems that a modern Twist is now in place and a Top Spin is also for the rest of the summer.

Re: Ride availability and guest reviews

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2015, 12:54
by stuart
Good news! The vintage version of the twist (Grasscutter) was open last night as was the Kiss Me Quick Caterpillar (Music Express) ride!
However, the Crazy Mouse, Speedway and the kiddies jumping tower were out of action.

I see Dreamland are advertising for a 'Senior Mechanical Engineer' in their current vacancies so hopefully the ride downtime will reduce soon.

The Top Spin is a great addition to the park - another ride for some proper thrills and looks good too. Hopefully it will be reliable!

The question regarding the Wedgwood tea cups remains unanswered! The Alice in wonderland travelling ride doesn't look great and is for kids only really. The size of the base and surround that they've made for the Wedgwood ones suggests that it's going to be a larger version.

Re: Ride availability and guest reviews

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2015, 23:15
by Jim Douglas Jr.
It's important to keep the word out that Dreamland is teething and will continue to improve.