I am going...but whats there!!! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!

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I am going...but whats there!!! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!

Postby danall2 » 29 Jun 2003, 17:03


I am about to go to Dreamland, well not about to but if two weeks from now.

I phoned them up but felt rude about asking what was there direct on the phone as i asked if they had the vertical drop coaster and she said no and i asked about the Lopping Star and she said know.

This then got me thinking about what they actualy do have. I know its not a lot they have but i would like to know every single ride you can remember, lol.

I am 15 and remember going a few years ago and they did not have much but i have bene on websites and seen they !!!HAD!!! got some really really good rides but i have learnt that most of these have gone as the pics i was viewing were old.

I am also intertested to know about the Vertical Drop ride and what that was all about. I could see it was yellow but how long did they have it and why on earth did they get rid of it. How tall was it as well?

Also do they have that Bubgie thing in the air still for £25?

Sorry for all the questions. I hope you can help. These are a few of the rides i can thing of that i would like to know if they have:-

Mouse Ride
Log Flume
Big Blue Train
Frisbe(If they dont have this - when and why did they get rid of it)
Ghost Train

I all know they have the Rota - what it this - can anyone tell me.

Also when you tell me what they have got can you give a description is possible or a pic would be great. Also are there any good fansites that are updated on what is there with pics.

OMG i have asked so many questions - sorry but i am well mad at them getting rid of the Lopping Star - i never went on thta but really wanted to!!!

I will deffo back your Campaign and hope to spread the word. I want it to be as good or better as it used to be.

Thanks in advance for your replys,

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Postby moonchild » 29 Jun 2003, 21:50

Hi Daniel,

I'm anxiously waiting for the replies as well ...lol

Going there again in August.

:lol: :lol:

Edited to add:

Don't miss the Scenic Railway!!!!
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Postby danall2 » 30 Jun 2003, 06:56


I had a reply from an email i sent to Nick but this at on my FTP acount at home.

When i get home, which will be about 4, i will try and remember to post all the rides they currently have and what they no longer have.

Thanks Nick,

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Postby danall2 » 30 Jun 2003, 14:30


As promised these are all the rides Dreamland has (these were emaield to me from Nick):-

Wild Mouse
Log Drop
Rotor (spinning fairground ride)
Go Karts
Ghost Train
Blue Roller Coaster
Helter Skelter
Mini Dodgems
Balloon Ride
Runaway Train
Safari Train
Mirror Maze
Major Orbit
Tea Cups
Scenic Railway

I was also told this:-

The Looping Star and Pirate Ship have both gone to Loudoun Castle Theme Park in Scotland. The Frisbee is now at Pleasurewood Hills. The tower ride, by the way, was only there for a few months.

£10 is for a wristband, but that doesn't get you on the Scenic Railway. That ride is by tokens only (other rides can also be ridden on tokens).


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Postby moonchild » 30 Jun 2003, 18:49

Thank you for posting this. I have to say I am a bit shocked - 10 Pounds for a wristband and this does NOT include the best ride (nor the Go Karts btw). Seems quite expensive to me. All the other rides aren't worth that money I have to say (I can't remember how much the wristbands cost last year, we usually bought an evening wristband which was a bit cheaper).

Oh well, we'll go anyway of course!!!!
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