The Save Dreamland Campaign was launched by Joyland Books in January 2003 and is now supported by several thousand people. This is the place to discuss all aspects of saving Margate's famous amusement park and its iconic , Grade II listed Scenic Railway, Britain's oldest roller coaster.

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Postby AJ » 24 Jul 2003, 23:18

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there was a way that Nick could accept donations towards the campaign for things like T-shirts, Car stickers and the like.

I know Nick can accept credit cards as he does for Joyland books.
I'm sure many people would be willing to offer Nick a couple of bob to help the campaign out.

Any thoughts?
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Postby porterm » 26 Jul 2003, 21:15

Hi AJ,

Good idea. I might still be a little naive, but I still think that if every Campaign member, or supporter of our Campaign, sent in a small sum of money (similar to the "Save Whalom Park - Buy a Whale Appeal" in America) it could make every difference to Dreamland's long-term survival. Saying that, it could prove rather difficult to administer, however the Save Whalom Campaign are claiming to return any funds to contributors should their actions fail ultimately.

Anything must surely be worth trying, however with the present paper car stickers, it does show that every expense has been spared in producing them, unlike a vinyl colour version.


PS Anyone view last Friday's Meridian Tonight News feature on the Margate resort? - I unfortunately had an intrusive phone call just at the wrong time and could not listen properly. It appeared to show no pictures of the current Dreamland Park; was this intentional, one thinks? Apologies if I missed anything, but I did catch a view of the park in days long gone by, featuring the double wheel in the background.

PPS Anyone interested in past days at Butlin's holiday camps, and comments can visit "" - I think it's a good site. (I have entered some cross-remarks relating to our Campaign to attract further hopeful support)
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Postby AJ » 26 Jul 2003, 23:57

I am also a keen speedway supporter and a website I often visit started a programme where users of the site could contribute a monthly ammount and with the funds we could sponsor an up and coming young rider.

Anyway the be all and end all of it is that after one year of supporting one rider this season we have increased our sponsorship to three riders and we have around 40 regular financial contributers. And all this run by a bunch of people that have never met apart from on forums and in chatrooms .

So what I'm getting at is that it can be done.
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Postby Gez » 29 Jul 2003, 12:05

:lol: happy to donate! I'll look out for further info
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