Books you wish were published.

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Books you wish were published.

Postby Simon Baynham » 22 Feb 2009, 17:29

Hi Joyland'ers

What books do you wish were published?

I long for books detailing the history of Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, Morecambe Frontierland, or maybe something noteable about Alton Tower's (theme park) history. I want to read about how the park was founded and to see the rides and attractions through the decades ...

What amusement park books do you long for?

Simon Baynham
Simon Baynham
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Postby Gary » 23 Feb 2009, 19:25

Heh Heh..Good question Simon..

I would love to see a book crammed full with things enthusiasts! :)

Anorakorama: A Life in the day of a Park Enthusiast

It would contain loads of trivia, rubbish, hyperbole and interesting fact..and some fantastic pics!

Think about the Chapter possibilities..

A Day in the life of a parkfan

Favourite coasters and why etc

Loads of fanpersons getting quoted on a page (Means they would buy it)

Just a thought..

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