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Colwyn Bay Pier Updates

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2010, 00:00
by mrjimlowe

2) LIARS, CHEATS, FRAUDSTERS, PERJURERS - Names to be revealed!
3) Friends of the Pier, and the TRUTH about Cllr Chris Hughes
4) The Way Forward...
5) ITV Wales Thursday...

PUBLIC MEETING ABOUT VICTORIA PIER - this Friday 22nd January, 6.00pm Town Hall, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay

Just a reminder about the meeting, I hope as many of you as possible will come along and show your support - please spread the word! It is not every day an MP calls a meeting like this, and it has caused ructions at the Corrupt Conwy County Borough Council! (CCBC)

CCBC has BANNED any of its members attending in an official capacity, and if any of them want to turn up as members of the public, they have been TOLD they must not answer any questions - nice to see democracy in action isn't it?

This morning, CCBC held a special, secret, emergency meeting to discuss me and the Pier. After I threatened to gate-crash the meeting, the room it was held in at CCBC headquarters was changed at the last minute! - Bless 'em.

Anyway, the main topic of conversation from County Councillors Brian Cossey, Abdul Khan (who is also Mayor of Colwyn Bay) and Chris Hughes (who is supposedly Chairman of "Friends of the Pier") was how news of this top secret meeting had leaked out!... they got their knickers in rather a twist over this, and have now demanded an enquiry into the "leak" - remember dear taxpayer, all this nonsense is where YOUR council tax money is going...

Interestingly, CCBC claimed to know nothing about the various offers I'd made over time to find a resolution to the problems surrounding the pier. It was pointed out that I had made an offer, in writing, to the LEADER of CCBC for him to send a delegation of himself and the appropriate officers to the Pier to see what work had been done, what was needed, and how myself and CCBC might work together for the good of the Pier. A copy of an internal memo in which the Council leader's response to my offer was stated as being "not worthy of any response" was also made available to the assembled Councillors... Council lies shown up yet again - I HAVE always been open to any discussion, however, certain Councillors like Chris Hughes have done their best to paint a very different picture of me over the past 6 years.

Interestingly, the discussion after this revelation was not "Oh, so Mr Hunt is more than willing to chat about the pier then, let's set up a meeting..." NO, instead yet more questions were asked on how on earth the person who revealed my offer, and a copy of the Councils internal memo, had come into posession of these documents... You see, the Council do not give a damn about the pier, and never have done... all they care about is their own filthy dirty secrets, and keeping them secret!

I can assure you of this: If they are worried about that one memo, they are going to have an awful lot more sleepless nights in the coming weeks...


On Friday night, I shall be publicly naming and shaming a number of Council Officers / Councillors all involved in the utter scandal surrounding the completely illegal bankrupting of myself. The offences committed by these scumbags include FRAUD, PERJURY and PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE. I have full details of how someone at CCBC CHANGED COMPUTER RECORDS TO CONCEAL MONEY, and how in actual fact CCBC owe ME money! Details of how CCBC knowingly LIED to the Courts all the way through legal proceedings against me, even instructing their lawyers to make FALSE written statements to the Judge!

Naturally, CCBC will be free, indeed challenged, to sue me for Slander / Libel if they want to allege what I say isn't true... after all, they seem to just love taking me to Court... BUT as I am only quoting from their OWN documents, internal memos, emails and computer records, I think they might just have a little bit of a problem when they get into a courtroom, don't you?

Friends of the Pier, and the TRUTH about Cllr Chris Hughes

I will also be asking all those interested to consider the resurrection of the "Friends of the Pier" charitable group, whose first mission will be to get rid of Cllr Chris Hughes, who alleges he still has authority as Chairman of this group.

Let me make a few facts very clear about Cllr Hughes:

He has REFUSED to call a meeting of the Friends of the Pier in over 3 years.
He has REFUSED to resign as Chairman.
He REFUSES to sign any cheques, thereby rendering the funds held in the Friends bank account worthless.
The other member called a meeting when he wouldn't, and voted him out as Chairman... He turned up at the meeting, declared it unconstitutional as he had not called it in his capacity as Chairman, and REFUSED yet again to resign. At that meeting (nearly a year ago now) he stated he would call a "proper AGM" where his chairmanship could be discussed, but surprise, surprise, he REFUSES to call any such meeting, knowing he will get voted out!
He REFUSES to respond to letters from the Secretary of the Friends sent to his house by recorded delivery.
He REFUSES to respond to letters sent to his official Councillor address at CCBC's Headquarters by recorded delivery.
AND YET... even at this mornings meeting, he was still bleating on about how much good HE has done for the Pier! - how he has the nerve is quite beyond my, or anyone else's, comprehension.

I can't wait to see if he has the nerve to turn up at the meeting on Friday! - there are a lot of very, very passionate people just waiting to ask him questions...

The Way Forward...

The purpose of Fridays meeting is officially to gauge the level of public support for regenerating the Pier, and to discuss what ideas people have for the kinds of things they would like to see on it.

As anyone who regularly visits the prom will know, the Pier is suffering badly from the 18 months of wilful neglect by the people who are currently, technically, the legal owners IE the Insolvency Practitioners. They have been warned numerous times by myself and my Lawyers that the pier is now dangerous in several places, but they do nothing about it. Is this all part of some cunning plan designed to allow the Pier to fall into such a bad way that demolition is considered?

In the recent big press articles in all the local papers, much prominence has been given to the idea of "demolition" - as if someone is trying to direct public opinion in that direction - and although I have been interviewed by every newspaper, there is hardly a line of quotation from me about anything - quite simply the Editors are under "pressure", shall we say, NOT to publish anything bad against CCBC in relation to the Pier.

Now, what the papers keep failing to mention is that the Pier CANNOT be demolished - it is a Grade II Listed Building!! - We don't go around demolishing old Castles just because they have holes in the walls do we?!

There have been a few good suggestions floating about of ways to help fund restoration of the Pier, which is what SHOULD be being discussed. These include building a hotel on it, a casino, cinema, bowling alleys etc. CCBC have had discussions about the availability of funding from the Welsh Assembly, but chose to keep all that secret from me and the people of Colwyn Bay.

It has been suggested that nPower should invest money into the Pier as "compensation" for ruining the coastline with all their electricity generating windmills, and then they could have some kind of information centre on the pier about the windmills. nPower have been approached directly about this, and are open to discussing the idea further... The thing is, if CCBC had a single brain-cell between them, they could have made investing in the pier a condition of planning permission for building the windmills in the first place! - this kind of arrangement is commonly used when, for example, Asda build a new primary school classroom in exchange for being allowed to build a supermarket etc. It is commonly known as a "Section 106 Planning Agreement".

ITV Wales Thursday...

I'm being interviewed Thursday morning, so keep your eye open on the ITV News bulletins throughout the day / evening... What I will say about the Corrupt Council, and what ITV will dare to actually broadcast remains to be seen!

Anyway... I could rabbit on for hours, but won't bore you any further.

Please do you best to show your support in person on Friday night - and tell as many people as you can - we want to pack out the Town Hall to standing room only!

If you do blogging or twittering or facebooking or any of those kinda things, let people know!

See you there!

Steve Hunt

A Further Update. 21 January 2010

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2010, 22:35
by mrjimlowe

Here is yet another update fom Colwyn Bay:

There is also a news report on Youtube:


Thanks to all of you who can't make it to the meeting, but have sent messages of support - much appreciated.


There has suddenly been an explosion of media interest in the Pier, and in particular Friday's meeting... there is now much panic of there not being enough room in the Town Hall to get everyone in - David Jones MP is asking people to reserve a seat by calling his office:

Telephone: (01492) 535845 or Email:

PLEASE - do come along anyway even if they say the meeting is full... there are bound to be people who book a place and then don't turn up, plus if need be, we'll have the meeting in the middle of the bloody road! If you do ring, and the office tells you that you can't go due to space restrictions, let me know ASAP - and come anyway!

The Council need to realise they can't just keep ignoring the people who pay their wages, and the best way to show them that is by a massing of bodies at the Town Hall. Let's send them a very clear message that they can no longer simply ignore the issue of the Pier - PEOPLE POWER!!

ITV Wales

For those of you who missed the piece on ITV Wales Tonight, here it is on youtube:

In the morning, there should be a piece on BBC Radio Wales news bulletins, plus I'm possibly doing another TV interview tomorrow.
David Jones has had a lot of media attention today too.


There is a whole load of stuff on the local blogs too - see these:

See you at the meeting!


Pier Meeying Well Attended

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2010, 21:46
by mrjimlowe
Evening All!

Firstly - a huge thanks to all the messages of support from those of you who couldn't attend the meeting tonight. I'll try and find time to reply personally to each one, but might take me a day or two! - my phone has been mad all day with the media, and probably will be tomorrow in the aftermath!!

Well what can I say? - estimates are that 500 people turned up for the meeting! I had printed off 250 leaflets to give to people outlining the current legal situation, answering a few key questions, and naming and shaming a few corrupt council officers. The purpose of that was to avoid wasting meeting time going over those issues. I gave out all 250 in the hall, save for a dozen or so that went to the queue on the Town Hall steps. The crowd outside stretched down past St Pauls Church, and right over the road, blocking traffic! ITV Wales was there filming the crowds, and several press photographers were also in attendance, so watch out on ITV and the papers tomorrow and the weeklies to come. BBC News tonight have already reported it was completely packed out!

I don't think the Town Hall has ever seen a meeting like it, as many as possible were crammed into the hall, I'm really sorry for those who made the effort to come out on a Friday evening in January, only not to be able to get in - I really thought my 250 leaflets would be more than enough when I had bumped into someone earlier in the day who said that 55 people had registered with David Jones' office to attend.

CCBC have now well and truly got the message that the people of Colwyn Bay have had enough of their LIES, INACTION, and REFUSAL to engage in talks with anyone. Indeed, it was not just people from the Bay and surrounding areas, one lady had come from Huddersfield, and two other people from the other side of Manchester!

A show of hands was asked for "how many people want to see the pier restored?" - which conservatively 95% of people voted for, a further vote of "how many people would be prepared to put their own money into helping restore the pier?" - again, virtually everyone voted. One local businessman said he would be prepared to put 6, 8 maybe 10 THOUSAND pounds into the pier! Press photographers took some photos, so hopefully these will make it into the press in due course.

David Jones MP did an excellent job of chairing the meeting, keeping everyone (including me!!) in check. Many people were able to get their views across, and all in all the meeting was excellent, with people being largely very quiet and listening to what everyone had to say. David Jones had instructed those local councillors present had to LISTEN to what the people had to say - what a refreshing change in politics that is!

Much talk was about having some kind of charitable trust take over the pier in order to be able to attract funding. Now, what many people do not know is that I have been trustee of a proper charitable trust for almost as long as I have owned the pier. Indeed, it was due to seeing a TV item about me buying the pier that led them to get in touch with me. "you show us your theatre on the pier, and we'll show you our theatre in Hyde" (nr Stockport, Manchester) went the conversation. Anyway, the point is I am very well aware of how a buildings preservation trust works, and the huge difficulties there is in attracting funding, even to projects that are as worthy, possibly far more worthy, than the pier.

The public have been misled by people like Cllr Chris Hughes over the years into believing that you can just set up a charitable trust, take on the pier, and overnight the Lottery etc. will simply send you cheques for millions of pounds. Sadly it doesn't work like that! The trust I'm involved with has been going for 10 years, with a very passionate, very knowledgeable and very hard-working committee. We have spent tens of thousands of pounds on all the various studies, reports, surveys and reams and reams of forms and paperwork you have to go through before you can even apply for Lottery funding! - we still have a way to go, we are still working on getting some documents finished off that will allow us to apply for the next £50,000 of funding it is going to require to actually pay for all (or more likely some) of the work it is going to take to complete the Lottery application. All that will take another year probably, and then STILL there is no guarantee the Lottery will say yes! It took Morecambe Winter Gardens 15 years to get their funding. A gentleman at the meeting pointed out that Mumbles pier is spending £90,000 putting their Lottery bid together - THIS IS THE REALITY of charitable trusts - it is not an instant solution, you have to raise an absolute fortune, for a few files of paper, to even go and ask if you can apply for funding!.

If someone comes to me with a charitable trust, with the £6-£10 million pounds in the bank that restoration costs are estimated to be, I will gladly talk about the transfer of ownership to such trust... until then, there is no point, it is all speculation.

However, the Welsh Assembly DOES HAVE MONEY that is available for the pier, as Darren Millar AM has found out (see press article on the pier website), regardless of whether or not it is in private ownership. The advantages of private ownership is simply speed. Doing anything with charitable trusts takes months and months to do anything at all - ask anyone who is involved in any charity that deals with reasonably large sized sums of money! A privately (or publicly) owned business can do what it wants pretty much immediately.

One lady at the meeting said she was "uncomfortable" with the idea of me receiving grant money, as it was somehow making me "personally richer". I can see kind of what she is thinking of, but it doesn't actually work like that - I wouldn't simply get a fat cheque I could go and spend on holidays and fast cars! How it usually works is that I would have to somehow find the money to pay for any work first, get the work done, it would be inspected to make sure it was up to scratch, and only then would I receive grant money to reimburse me for what I had spent. It is very rare for any grant to be 100%. 50% or less is more usual, so the rest still has to come from other sources - IE the trading business of the pier itself. Even if I got some grant money, you cannot simply sell the pier the next day and cash it all in as some people seem to think. Just like many home improvement grants, I'd have to pay back grant money from the sale of the pier unless I kept it a good many years after any money had been received.

Whenever I received donations, for example from the collection buckets at the Art Exhibition, the money collected was deliberately spent on something tangible to show where it had gone. I can't remember what art show went on what, but for example benches were bought from one show, a load of timber preservative to smarten up the open area of decking from another show, the upper front wall of the pavilion was re-plastered from another show etc. I was always very conscious to make sure any donated money was spent on something physical people could see, rather than spend it on the general overheads of running the pier.


The strong message throughout the meeting is that CCBC must talk, they must break the legal deadlock, they must do something! David Jones has demanded a meeting at the earliest possible convenience with the Chief Executive of CCBC to discuss, and will hopefully force them to talk to me - something I have offered to do many times in the past, but CCBC have always refused my offers.

NOTHING can be done until the legal stuff is sorted out, and that cannot be done until either CCBC admit to their crimes, or there is a full and thorough investigation into what they did by some properly independent outside authority.

The fight continues, and will continue until CCBC are brought to justice for their actions and I am restored with what is rightfully mine. Then any charity who wants to buy it can come and talk to me.

Remember folks, it isn't me that's the bad guy, despite the best efforts of some to try and brainwash you into thinking so... I'm just the idiot who came along and spent a fortune on a folly when no-one else was prepared to... but hey, I can truthfully say there's never been a dull moment since I've been here!!

Enough for now,

Catch you soon,

Steve Hunt

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2010, 23:30
by mrjimlowe
Here is the latest from 25 January

Hello everyone!

I think I've just about managed to reply to all the emails, sorry if I've missed anyone out - it's been mad!

There are two facebook groups to save the pier, so if any of you do facebooking please join up and spread the word about:


David Jones MP has set up a meeting with Conwy County Borough Council as he promised on Friday night. I am waiting to hear if I am welcome at this meeting or not.

Press release from his office follows below.

That's it for now - a short one from me for a change!

Steve Hunt

6 March 2010 Update from Steve Hunt

PostPosted: 06 Mar 2010, 16:19
by mrjimlowe
Hi everyone! - it has been a busy few weeks with things pier-wise...

Oh, and a special welcome to CCBC's solicitors - I hope you find reading about your clients interesting and informative. :o)

Thanks to the 509 people who signed the petition to the Prime Minister for a Public Inquiry into Conwy County Borough Council's (CCBC's) illegal and unlawful activites that led to them (so far) getting away with a malicious bankruptcy against me. I am now awaiting response from 10 Downing Street, which I'll forward on in the next newsletter.
Latest news is that CCBC are going to spend tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money conducting a full structural survey of the pier which they do not own and claim they do not want... click here to see the full story in the Weekly News.

CCBC admit to spending £3,248.99 of taxpayers money on the pier in October click here for their admission.

Meanwhile, RPG, current legal owners of the pier, claim not to have any money to carry out repairs. However, their latest published accounts for year ending December 2008 show the company to be worth over £3million, with consistent annual profits of just under £800,000. click here for a copy of their accounts.
Clearly RPG can easily afford to carry out their legal duty to look after the Grade II listed pier, but are choosing not to. The law provides for CCBC to force RPG to look after the pier at their own expense, but for some mysterious reason CCBC will not serve the enforcement notices... I wonder why?... could it be they are worried that RPG might "spill the beans" if pushed too hard?

KPMG, the Council's financial auditors, have now been called upon to investigate these affairs. Remember - the local taxpayer would not be burdened with any of these costs had CCBC not decided to consistently LIE to Caernarfon County Court in order to make me bankrupt. CCBC themselves say the pier is a negative asset - so what on earth was the point of bankrupting me in order to liquidate it? - obviously it wasn't to attempt to get their fabricated debt of £5,144.88p paid, since they say the pier isn't even worth a penny!
Clearly then, CCBC had other motives for bankrupting me. This was, as I have always maintained, a malicious prosecution.

David Jones, MP, called a meeting with Byron Davies, Chief Executive of CCBC to discuss the urgent matters surrounding the pier - parts of which are now in a very dangerous state due to the 20 months of willful neglect by RPG, and CCBC's refusal to force RPG to look after it. Byron Davies cares so little, that he did not make one single note about the meeting, no minutes, no notes, nothing. Clearly this man is as utterly useless as his predecessors. Don't take my word for it - click here to read CCBC's official response.


I am standing for election to Colwyn Town Council on 25th March. A vote for me will send a clear message to CCBC that the people of Colwyn Bay have had enough of Secrecy, Deceit and outright Corruption. I am the only candidate out of 6 standing that is prepared to name and shame individual Council Officers and Elected Members for the serious offences they have committed. You can guarantee CCBC's cronies will do everything possible to smear and discredit me during the coming 3 weeks.

My remit is 3 main points:
1) To expose corruption at every level.
2) To attempt to put an end to the 'cloak and dagger' methods of local politics.
3) To find out what is really going on with the (non)regeneration of Colwyn Bay. Whilst Llandudno has had a new multi-million pound Conference Centre, a new multi-million pound Swimming Pool and a new multi-million pound Art Gallery, here in Colwyn Bay all we've had is a few cheap grotty grey paving slabs from China... What the hell is going on here?

Though Town Councillors have very little 'power' - the political message of my election to the Town Council would be utterly devastating to the corrupt County Council. If you want to express your dissatisfaction at what CCBC is doing to Colwyn Bay, please use your vote!

For the record, yet again I state I have never had any problems or conflicts whatsoever with Colwyn Bay Town Council.
ALL the problems surrounding the pier and myself are entirely due to the actions of the proven corrupt Conwy County Borough Council, who I have challenged several times to sue me for libel if what I say about them is not true.

On Facebook? - join the groups:

Vote for Steve! :

Save Colwyn Bay Pier! :

That's it for now... Until next time...


24 April 2010 Update "Things are hotting up"

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2010, 11:06
by mrjimlowe
Latest news from Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay:

Things are hotting up! - The corrupt Council are now in a serious mess... the content's of Pandora's box is spilling out all over the place.

Concrete evidence of Council crimes now online:


Available now on the pier website is PROOF that Conwy County Borough Council officers committed Fraud and Perjury in their quest to close down the pier. The evidence is all contained in their own documents, written in their own dirty hands.

CCBC officers wilfully lied time and time again. The lied to me, they lied to the Information Commissioner, and worst of all they lied to the Court numerous times in order to bankrupt me / the pier. CCBC always knew I never owed what they claimed, they even admitted the same to their own solicitors, but instructed them to make me bankrupt regardless of the truth!.

Council waste £20,000+ council tax payers money fighting pier!

The Council have now wasted well over £20,000 of Council-tax payers fighting me, for a £5,000 alleged debt, which is now proven to be fraudulent in any case! - and the £20,000 is just the beginning. CCBC are currently spending thousands on a survey of the pier - even though they keep insisting they don't want it... JUST HOW is that 'value for money' for the people of Conwy County?

KPMG, the Councils external auditors, went in to the CCBC offices at the end of last week and are demanding answers.

Have a read of the website - more revelations to come, more officers to be named and shamed, including trying to use Council-tax payers money for BRIBERY!

... all we now is a decent investigative journalist to take this up. Oh, and a police force that is actually prepared to investigate crimes would help too.

Colwyn Pier Latest News - Council officer " made bankru

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2010, 21:13
by mrjimlowe
Colwyn Pier Latest News - Council officer " made bankrupt!"

Hello there!
It has been a gloriously sunny day in Colwyn Bay today - pity the pier is still closed and now looking very sorry for herself after almost 2 years of deliberate, wilful neglect by the collusion between CCBC and the Insolvency Practitioner.

KPMG Investigate illegal expenditure
Conwy County Borough Council's external auditors, KPMG, have been called in to investigate the illegal expenditure and total waste of council-tax payers money in the whole pier fiasco. The investigation is likely to take a few months, but hopefully will be thorough. Furthermore, once the council's accounts are published later in the autumn, other independent investigators will be scrutinising them to find out just what has been going on - information that CCBC consistently refuse to release to the public despite numerous requests.

CCBC officer made BANKRUPT - a taste of his own medicine?
News came in earlier that council officer Irfon Wyn Owen was made bankrupt at Rhyl County Court last Thursday, 27th May. Though it has not been confirmed (or denied) by the council that the Irfon Wyn Owen made bankrupt is the same Irfon Wyn Owen who is Information Officer for CCBC, I am not aware of there being any other council officer of that name. No doubt more details will be revealed in due course.

The official record of Mr Owen's bankruptcy is available here: ... CaseType=B
Details of Irfon Wyn Owen's involvement in the pier scandal is available here:
Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of CCBC, Byron Davies, is still suspended on full pay whilst 'helping Police with their enquiries'... that is well over 2 months now of lovely fat juicy salary for doing nothing - nice work if you can get it?

Meeting with David Jones, MP and new Minister for Wales
I have a meeting with David Jones again next week to discuss latest issues with the pier. As most of you are aware, David is now a Government Minister holding the post of Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Wales, and so now has a lot more influence than he did previously as a mere opposition MP!

That's it for this time, there are lots of things bubbling away under the surface, so should be some more news soon I hope.

Colwyn Pier

PostPosted: 05 Jun 2010, 17:10
by StoneRoad
This structure could, nay should, be preserved.

Proper seaside piers are becoming rare items!

Hope all goes better in the future!

Colwyn Bay Pier Latest (5 Jan 2011)

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2011, 16:55
by mrjimlowe
Colwyn Bay Pier Latest (5 Jan 2011)

Here is the latest from Steve Hunt. See also:
New Year Greetings!

Town Council Plot to Buy Pier

With Conwy County Council still under investigation by KPMG over massive financial irregularities in the 2009/10 accounts, (the auditors refuse to sign-off the accounts) and a watchful eye being kept on their plans to buy the pier (despite their continual denials in the press), the corrupt County Council plot has now switched to diverting money via Colwyn Town Council to 'do the dirty deed'.
This is being led by the Cllr Brian Cossey (who is on record as wanting the pier demolished and stating "we will make sure Steve Hunt never regains ownership of the pier, whatever it takes") and Cllr Chris Hughes (yes, him again!) - who have infiltrated the "Pier Pressure" group and are now using them as puppets in order to try and get Conwy County Council out of some very deep !*@%.
It is very sad indeed that a group of local people with such good intentions (the "Pier Pressure" group) have been totally duped, and are being used and abused like this solely to try and save the bacon of corrupt Council officers/councillors. Will it save the pier - NO it won't - read on for proof in their own words!

Why do the Council want to buy the pier anyway?

Simply so they can demolish it... due to the way the bankruptcy laws work, if the Insolvency people do not sell it before July, it reverts back to me - and the Council want to avoid that at ANY cost - they are on record with witnesses as saying so - and remember it is YOUR money they are spending, not their own!!...
Why don't they want me to have it? - well, it is partially anti-English racism right from the start (as suffered also by the previous pier owner Mike Paxman, a Londoner), partly personal vendetta against me for standing up to them and exposing them for the Liars, Cheats and Fraudsters that they truly are (which they refuse to deny now I have published evidence written in their own hand), and partly due to the massive damages claim that will be brought against the Council for their ongoing illegal actions - again it is not that they are worried about the money - it will come out of YOUR pockets after all, rather that it will kill them to see me walk out of the High Court with a big compensation cheque!
So, their plan is to buy the pier, then after a bit of paper shuffling for the benefit of the press, they will announce "oh, its uneconomical to restore", and then knock it down... The problem is the Council itself can't really buy it directly for a number of complex legal reasons I won't bore you with - so they have infiltrated the "Pier Pressure" group, are trying to get them set up as a proper charity - not so they can apply for funding as they are being led to believe, but so the Council can 'legitimately' lend/grant/give them the money to buy the pier... "Pier Pressure" will be nothing more than puppets controlled by the Council at arms length - by putting Cllr Cossey and Cllr Hughes on the committee most likely, and they will fail to get any significant funding (it simply does not exist, and even if it did there are Grade 1 listed piers that are first in the queue) - and so after a few months "Pier Pressure" will inevitably fail and then demolition can be ordered. That is the real plan. The Charity thing is purely a charade, a smokescreen, a means to an end. Mark my words!

Proof of demolition plan - Pier completely wiped out in regeneration scheme

Did you see the article on BBC News recently? - the lovely regeneration plans for Colwyn Bay... but wait? - where is the pier? ... you guessed it, it is NOT on the plans, artists impressions, videos, funding applications or anything else. The Council is so utterly determined to see it gone - and there is the proof for you all to see. These are the COUNCIL'S plans for the future of Colwyn Bay, as already approved and submitted for funding, and they DO NOT include the pier in any way, shape or form - despite the spiel they put in the papers to try and keep the locals from asking awkward questions - now you can see undeniably that all the "we want to save the pier" spiel in the local papers is a complete lie!
So, next time you hear Cllr Cossey giving out the carefully scripted spiel about how much they want to "save the pier" - question as to why on the approved plans and funding application they have submitted they intend to demolish it and replace it with a patch of concrete... that is really going to attract tourists isn't it? ... still I suppose it will be somewhere for the ever increasing influx of drunks, druggies and ex-cons to hang out, which is the REAL plan for the future of Colwyn Bay.

One way or another, something will happen in 2011... but you are now armed with the evidence to see for yourself the true intent of the Council.


Steve Hunt

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2011, 18:31
by kevinashe
got my update from steve this afternoon james,hopefully it looks as if there will be some closure on this saga in july-one way or another!!

pier regenerations

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2011, 19:58
by StoneRoad
I think Colwyn Bay council need to look at a few examples of what can be done,

how about :

Weston super mare - a grand scheme, successfully recovering from a serious fire.

Saltburn - their pier is a major part of the attraction......

Southend on sea - has had several fires and other problems, but look at it!

Blackpool. Southport.......

On the other hand there are the problems : Birnbeck, Brighton and now Hastings... BUT where there is a will, then the funding can be found!

Colwyn Bay Pier Updates

PostPosted: 06 Mar 2016, 10:26
by Georgefumb
Lovely picture.reminds me of the times when I was a kid camping at salt wick bay.It looks like a laid back yorkshire coast sucking in a M and M

Re: Colwyn Bay Pier Updates

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2018, 13:14
by StoneRoad
The damage, mainly from winter weather - and local politics - have meant that they are now "dismantling" for "storage" the pier in Colwyn Bay.
I can't see the pier ever being rebuilt, even in a short form.
What a waste.