Colwyn Bay Pier "To Be Demolished"?

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Colwyn Bay Pier "To Be Demolished"?

Postby mrjimlowe » 06 Apr 2011, 23:11


Here is the latest from steve Hunt at

This appears to be a prediction (upto now anyway).

Yes, that's right, CCBC are going to DEMOLISH THE PIER (after the fire) by the end of this year.

See the latest bit in the Daily Post here confirming the 'top-secret' meeting to buy the pier... of course, the Daily Post's editor is too scared to tell the whole story, despite being offered concrete evidence in the form of the Council's own leaked documents. Free speech? - not in North Wales I'm afraid. ... -28467587/

They are meeting in "top secret" tomorrow to force the elected Councillors to agree to buy the pier for £35,000 from RPG (who are as equally corrupt as the Council and have been in on this whole scam from the start).
Even if the Councillors vote against it, acting-council-chief Ken Finch and Iwan Davies will just ignore them push it through anyway - they are the ones that control this undemocratic banana-republic that masquerades as a democratically elected Council. Your votes at election time, and the votes of the Councillor you elect, mean absolutely nothing.
The suspended chief of the Council, Byron Davies, knew too much and had to go. That is why he was set-up for rape, and when that didn't work they suspended him for something else, and so on and so on. Ken Finch & co are determined that Byron Davies will NEVER get back in the Council offices - he had uncovered far too much about the corruption in those four walls and could probably bury the lot of them. That is the power of these sick creatures.

The "Pier Pressure" group is a total smoke-screen to keep the public at bay. It was started with good intentions by good people, but was quickly infiltrated by Cllr Brian Cossey, who's agenda (as quoted in numerous council meetings for over a decade) has always been to get rid of the pier for his own perverse pleasure. Anyone who showed support or sympathy towards me or the cause of justice was quickly ousted from "Pier Pressure", and the chair, Penny Davies, brain-washed into believing there is this huge pot of lottery money just waiting for them. That is a complete and utter lie - don't believe what I say, simply phone up the Lottery HQ yourselves and ask them!... Now Cossey is using this as a political move to try and further his way up the greasy pole of local corrupt politics.

Once the pier is in the ownership of the Council, or they might give it to Pier Pressure to try and throw the scent off the Council for a few weeks whilst they carry out their next criminal act, there will be a "MYSTERIOUS FIRE" towards summer. Naturally, the Police will have "no clues" as to who started the fire, and blame it on "mindless vandals".
After the fire, the pier will be declared too unsafe and too far gone to save (by the Council appointed surveyors, of course), and so the announcement will be made that "sadly" the pier has to be demolished, but that the Council "did everything they could" to save it - in order to try and save a back-lash from local tax-payers who will hopefully see through their plot.

This is all planned out already - if any of you have seen the approved, submitted and funded plans for the vast expanse of grey concrete that is to be the new promenade, you will already know that the pier is NOT there - they have absolutely every intention of getting rid of it at all costs - which you are paying for - before the end of the year, ready for phase 2 of 'concrete ally' to start next spring.

RPG, in a meeting with the Council said: "We will make sure Mr Hunt never gets the pier back, whatever happens". I have witnesses ready to testify to that under oath in Court.

Remember dear taxpayer, the £1.2m demolition cost, the hundreds of thousands in legal costs so far, and the multi-million pound compensation claim that will be brought against them in due course is all COMING OUT OF YOUR POCKETS - they are not paying for this - you are. The local part of the Council Tax will go up, and services will go down to pay for it. This personal vendetta by Ken Finch against me is costing YOU money, whilst he managed to get his feet under Byron Davies' desk and put his own wages up.

Think I'm just paranoid or lost the plot? - by all means think that - but I guarantee you'll be eating your words by the end of 2011. Print this email out, and as the events above unfold before your eyes over the coming months, you can tick them off one by one.

People Power can do good things - if you want to save the pier this is your last chance - please write to our MP expressing your concern and demanding he does something about it:

David Jones, MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales
House of Commons

or email

Steve Hunt

Jim Lowe

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Postby mrjimlowe » 08 Apr 2011, 23:31

Colwyn Pier Latest - more 'top secrets

From Steve Hunt

"Morning everyone!

As yet I have not heard the outcome of the Council's top-secret security-guarded meeting they held yesterday to decide how and when they are going to get their grubby hands on the pier and demolish it.

David Jones, MP, is grateful of the many emails you have all sent him expressing your concern. I must just clarify that David has always been very supportive indeed of the fight to save the pier. He has given me far more than my "fair share" of his time, and written countless letters to all sorts of people behind the scenes to try and resolve this situation. He is today meeting with Conservative Councillors of CCBC regarding the situation.
Please don't vent your frustration at him directly - he is doing what he can! - rather express your concern at what the totally undemocratic Council YOU elected is doing illegally behind closed doors with YOUR money, without YOUR consent, in order to save their own bacon.

Terry Jones (yes, THE Terry Jones of Month Python!) is kindly supporting the cause and has circulated a press release to all the newspapers. Terry has the ears of millions of people around the world - unlike myself!

You may have seen/heard me on ITV and BBC news yesterday - all publicity is good publicity - I do my best with any media who is brave enough to talk to me!. There is talk of two special expose documentaries being made about the pier story (one TV and one Radio), but producers have a very difficult job getting the story out with the constant threat of the UKs freedom-of-speech-quashing libel laws. I really hope the producers go for it. I'll keep you posted.

Lastly, the Council are now planning to take over the Old Market Hall site (in-between Wetherspoons and the Train Station) in order to demolish it and build themselves some swanky new offices... I guess that explains why they want to demolish the pier too - don't want it spoiling their lovely sea views from their posh new offices, do they?
Yet again this new multi-million pound expenditure of taxpayers money solely for their own internal benefit is all being kept top-secret in closed meetings that you, dear taxpayer, will NOT be allowed any details of... after all, its only your money their spending...
Why fix pot-holes in your street or the leaking roofs of Primary Schools, when they can spend all your hard-earned money instead on some nice new air-conditioned offices with breathtaking sea-views just for themselves?

Conwy County - Britain's very own Banana Republic.

Thanks all for your continued support.

Steve Hunt "

Jim Lowe

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Re: Colwyn Bay Pier "To Be Demolished"?

Postby pedro12 » 22 Feb 2017, 06:23

thanks for posting this with link here
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