Colwyn Bay Pier Latest - Hunger Strike

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Colwyn Bay Pier Latest - Hunger Strike

Postby mrjimlowe » 07 Jun 2011, 12:10

Here is the latest update from steve Hunt who is on a hunger strike.

Good Morning!

Today is the second day of my HUNGER STRIKE for Justice at Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay.

Hopefully there will be some coverage today on BBC Wales TV and Radio news, as well as the Daily Post newspaper, and possibly a national paper or two might have picked up the story too.

My Hunger Strike is calling on David Jones, MP & Minister for Wales, to launch a full inquiry into the disgusting and illegal way CCBC have treated me over the past few years, to bring those Council Officers who have committed offences to justice, and in particular to discover why all those bodies which are supposed to regulate, investigate and the control the Local Authority, flatly refuse to do so.

Until such an OPEN, TRANSPARENT investigation is launched, then I will continue my Hunger Strike in order to draw attention to this utterly appalling case of corruption, and the personal vendetta against me, by certain officers of CCBC.

Just to refresh you memory, In July 2008, officers of Conwy County Borough Council successfully bankrupted me after they:
* falsified Council Tax / Business Rates accounts
* accused me of owing money to CCBC which they absolutely knew I did not
* refused to correct knowingly falsified and incorrect accounts
* fraudulently hid money that CCBC in fact owed ME in overpaid Council Tax
* committed Perjury by submitting knowingly false statements to the Court
* instructed their external solicitors (DWF of Manchester) indirectly to lie to the Judge in Court
* illegally refused access to any documents/files/records pre-litigation - resulting in a completely unfair and unjust Court trial, which the Court should never have allowed to continue in any case

All sounds too far-fetched to be true I know, that is half the problem in getting it investigated, but all of the above points are PROVEN in the councils own documents, published on the pier website.

Please follow my progress and spread the word on twitter - you can get instant updates to your mobile phone as things happen:


Steve Hunt

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