Southend's New Landmark

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Southend's New Landmark

Postby Zoidstar » 17 May 2012, 19:16



and what it was lifting.

The new £3million Southend Pier Head Cultural Centre is placed on the Pier Head, the 200tone structure began construction at Tilbury docks 17 miles upriver in February. Once the structure was completed it was lifted on to a barge and floated down river. The 3767sqft steel framed building was lifted into place by a 400tone marine crane, the sea conditions had to meet strict conditions on height of the tide, the sea swell and wind speed and direction. All shipping using the estuary were put under strict operating restrictions limiting the speed they were permitted to pass to cut on the wakes they create. The building was lowered at 2mm a minute before it was finally locked in place. It is due to open in July.
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Postby kevin » 18 May 2012, 19:13

Wow, 36 years of planning and saving up...That''s impressive.
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