Clacton Pier

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Clacton Pier

Postby Alex » 10 Aug 2014, 17:05

I have enjoyed the posts on Clacton Pier so much I joined the forum in order to say thanks.
I spent every holiday in the 1930s in Clacton, staying in the same boarding house and have vivid memories of all the attractions available at that time.
There was some discussion about the Circus. I saw it and it was excellent as everything about the Pier could be expected to be. The elephants bathing in the sea each morning was a wonderful advertisement. The big attraction on the Pier was Bertram, at that time in the Jolly Roger. I saw the show twice on each visit. I particularly liked his living marionette show and his row of juvenile entertainers, all dressed in white. I saw the Ramblas post war, near the end and what a good entertainment for a modest price. Instead of entertainment we now have slot machines.
Claude North was on the beach with Punch and Judy and his brother was the most energetic bottler you could wish for. The story goes that he made his way each show to the top of the cliff. One day, two old boys were leaning on the fence looking away from the sea, and when approached for a contribution said, 'We weren't looking mate'. Yes, but the dog was. They dropped a copper (the usual fee) for his cheek. I saw this show almost every day.
I married a Clacton girl who had been to school with one of the Kingsman family and our reception was in the hotel at the end of the Pier.
I now live in Southend and the Pier is lamentable and bare. Nothing like Clacton Pier in my childhood. Alex
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