Notes From Clacton (Mini TR, 30 May 2016)

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Notes From Clacton (Mini TR, 30 May 2016)

Postby Graeme » 30 May 2016, 20:44

It's been a while.

I used to be into this stuff. Very into this stuff. But times change.

This evening I decided to blow off the cobwebs and head to Clacton after work. I needed a distraction. I needed to feel the salty sea air in my lungs.

Parking the car, I headed along the promenade. Several breakwaters have been constructed along the beach - piles of stones in the shape of whale tails. The pier formed a familiar shape in the distance, with Stella's Revenge cutting into the skyline.

Over the last few years a rather impressive amusement park has appeared on the plaza above the Pavilion. I strolled through here, noting the familiar sights, such as the mini roller coaster and pint-sized drop tower, and then... a pirate ship?! Jogging towards it, I see this is an impressive pirate ship indeed. Not quite a full-size Huss model, but certainly something commendable. Apparently it's Italian (Zamperla?) and has been there for a couple of weeks. Oh man, I love pirate ships. They are the enduring classic of the amusement park. If I only had room for two rides, it would be a pirate ship and a wooden coaster.

But I was not here to ride, I was here to eat.

I got my food from McDonald's and sat outside. Seagulls soared above the town centre. Not just any seagulls, but giant herring gulls, putting on a display for me with their massive wingspans. One gull approached me. I couldn't resist, and threw him a chip. Immediately a McDonald's worker appeared. Was she here to chastise me? No, she merely proceeded to remove every chair, table and barrier around me as I ate! On balance, I think I had a lucky escape.

Ah, this is what I had been missing. It wasn't a sunny evening, but that's OK. I felt all my cares dissipate as the cool air surrounded me, reminding me of myself.

The Pier is another part of Clacton that just keeps getting better and better recently. There is something by the entrance named "Dark Ride XD". I will have to investigate what this is, but it seems like some sort of giant arcade game. At the end of the Pier, fishermen tried (and failed) to land a catch. It didn't matter. There was a great feeling of peace.

I headed back along the promenade and took in views of the horizon, as the waves crashed on the beach. There is nothing like the Great British Seaside. It's relaxing, invigorating and downright therapeutic.

Thanks for reading, and hello to everyone from the good times. I just couldn't resist doing another TR. ;)
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Re: Notes From Clacton (Mini TR, 30 May 2016)

Postby Nick » 31 May 2016, 20:26

Great to have you back Graeme! Your TRs were always fantastic and make me want to get in my car and drive to the nearest seaside resort.
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Re: Notes From Clacton (Mini TR, 30 May 2016)

Postby Graeme » 31 May 2016, 20:48

Thank you very much, Nick. I must say, congratulations on everything you have achieved at Dreamland and Fairytale Farm. Both are absolutely colossal accomplishments.

I'm thinking of getting back into the subject matter now. Actually, what set me off was a notification from URC - a question I posed in 2002 has been answered! Anyway, what with the rumoured 2018 coasters at Blackpool and Alton... exciting times.
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