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Pleasure Island

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2016, 16:29
by marc
Pleasure Island Cleethorpes will close at the end of this season ... story.html

Re: Pleasure Island

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2016, 18:54
by kevin
That's really sad. Cleethorpes is a nice traditional resort albeit, like Southport, parts of the seafront have been ruined by the erection of industrial units purporting to be "leisure and retail outlets"!

Re: Pleasure Island

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2016, 07:04
by Bob
It's a very tough market running a seaside amusement park now. They were geared up for when people holidayed in the UK and the season run from Easter to the beginning of September now what is left of the holiday season is pretty much August and that's a pale shadow of what it used to be. Even day drips to the coastal resorts have all but gone. A few resorts survive and appear to be doing ok places such as Southend & Clacton. Perhaps they need to reinvent themselves but it needs huge amounts of investment and pretty much none of them have the money to do so. Perhaps we need a sort of seaside version of Centre Parks. The difficulty coastal resorts have is that they are on the coast which limits their catchment area