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go karts

Postby cookie » 02 Feb 2013, 13:59

Does anyone know who made or supplied the go karts at dreamland?.
it seems every seaside amusement park had them, southend, hayling island, etc etc, they all seemed to be the same make!, were they uk built ie (supercar of warwick) or imported, they seemed the the same from the sixties up untill the late eighties then they changed from the fiberglass engine cover and checkerplate floor to the formula 1 type bodies(probably made by the same manufacturer) just moving with the times maybe!
If anyone knows who supplied them and what engines they were powered by, i would be greatful, ask your friends or relatives, perhaps they worked on the go kart track between 68- 85, there must be someone out there who remembers where they were made!
Cheers Gary.
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