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Postby Nick » 25 May 2004, 19:41

The new forum is now fully up and running. It is faster and bigger than the previous one, but looks identical! It is part of our recent move of the entire website to a new server, with higher specification and greater speed (we got a little bit big for our old server!) The website is unaffected.

All posts and members details have survived the change. The only problem members might notice is that you may be asked to log in before you can post, but if you tick the "keep me logged in" box, you shouldn't need to log in again after that.

If you have forgotten your password, the system can email it to the email address you submitted when you joined. If that fails, you will need to register again, as all passwords are encrypted for security and cannot be recovered by admin.

Please report any problems with the site to

Have fun!

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