Getting fed up of spammers

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Getting fed up of spammers

Postby SuburbanHomeboy » 29 Sep 2012, 17:06

Hi folks

I've noticed that every time I log into the site, I end up reporting at least a couple of Spam posts - usually lengthy posts on unusual subjects, but containing hyperlinks to, among others, handbag sales, trainer sales and prostitution websites.

Although I'm happy to carry on reporting these spammers, isn't there something that can be done to vet new posters before they can start posting? I didn't follow any of the links myself - all you had to do was hover over the link to the the target URL, and the text of the URL gives away the nature of the target website - but there may be forum members with young children who don't see any potential threats from hyperlinks in a website that their parents use freely.


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Re: Getting fed up of spammers

Postby porf » 12 Oct 2012, 08:34

See Nick's post about the forum outage.

Hopefully the situation should improve now. The key problem is that all the built in image challenges designed to stop spammers registering and posting have been beaten by spammers. We've switched to a non image based test which has worked in the past.
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