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The Lounge Cinema

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2007, 17:46
by muttley
I was absolutely fascinated to read about the building I grew up in. My dad was managing director at The Lounge from the fifties until its sale. I am totally amazed at the information Nick Laister has been able to obtain about the Lounge, its underground passages (where I am sure I saw a ghost) and its films.

I only found the website by chance and am now definitely ordering the book.


PostPosted: 17 Dec 2007, 11:42
by Martin222
Fascinating site, and found it by chance.

I was born at the George Hotel in 1950, and remember with great fondness Premier, Joyland and also the Lounge Restaurant and cinema. I went to school with Martyn Uttley and remember his father. I also recall watching Seven Brides for Severn Brothers at the cinema; I guess that must have been late 50's?

Premier at the time was owned (if I am right) by Ken Wright. I have fond memories of Harry Brown and other members of the family into the late 60's.

I also worked in college vacations for Albert Corrigan whose Arcade was at the end of that stretch on the corner.

Wow - the memories this has brought to the surface!