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PostPosted: 05 Apr 2010, 17:17
by StoneRoad
Bet I've spelt that wrong!


There used to be a small cafe / icecream place in Newbiggin by the sea (a place with a threeway split personality*!), just off the prom. Part of the attraction to me was that the owner had a series of old pinball, penny falls etc machines, and the decor was just postwar-ish. (Clean and functional)
When the original family retired, and the new generation were not interested, the cafe was sold off, but what happened to the machines??

* to explain - Newbiggin - three aspects to the place - mining / fishing / holiday resort. The first is long gone, the fishing almost gone and the recession almost did for the holidays! But regeneration has saved some aspects, and the proposed new heritage centre will help rebuild. (I hope)

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2010, 16:10
by EAS
I have some pictures of the exterior which I must sort out and post. It was called the Cafe Riviera (!) and it was run by the Bertorelli family.

Meanwhile, here are a number of pics on this site: ... ra_ne.html ... teid=50081 ... leby5.html

No idea what happened to the machines, which I agree were lovely.