Rollercoaster - The book of the film.

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Rollercoaster - The book of the film.

Postby Fraser » 30 Jan 2003, 10:25

I'm trying to trace a copy of the book that inspired the film "Rollercoaster". I think it was called Death Ride (but maybe not). Anyone help?
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Postby mesmoland » 01 Apr 2008, 23:05

:P I have a feeling that Tommy Cook wrote it for the screen.
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Postby deanna » 06 Sep 2008, 10:16

yes it is the Death Ride by Burton Wohl. And it is a good read.
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Postby Simon Baynham » 04 Feb 2009, 23:54

Hi Joyland'ers

Burton Wohl's 1977 RollerCoaster (The High-Roller to Terror!) novel is available on the internet for a few £s.

Interestingly, Timothy Bottoms' character is known as "Young Man" in the film, but is referred to as "Eddie Parnasus" in the book.

Read you all soon

Simon Baynham
Simon Baynham
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Postby derekf » 31 Mar 2012, 23:21

I definitely liked that book, although i must go back to my bookshelf and start reading it again as i want to watch the movie, that i have not seen yet but I'm the type who reads the book then watches the movie so its better to read through it again just to refresh my memory.
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Postby Simon Baynham » 27 Apr 2012, 13:07

Hi Joylanders.

I found the book much ruder than the film! Eddie Parnassus (Young Man) clearly is a guy with 'issues' in the book that are not portrayed in the film - thankfully.

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