Southport Pleasureland Wild Cat

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Southport Pleasureland Wild Cat

Postby Shane » 17 May 2009, 00:06

Hi there Joylanders'

It gives me great pleasure to announce on here that the Wild Cat roller coaster which stood in Pleasureland, Southport for a number of years has returned, and is building up on it's old spot by the Lakeside Railway.

The coaster has been bought by New Pleasureland owner, Norman Wallis.

Norman has also just bought a Ski Jump Flying Coaster, and is built up in the park.

Build up progress ... easureland

And the Ski Jump ... easureland


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Postby Gary » 17 May 2009, 08:28


Well, that's a turn up for the books - But a very good turn up! :)

I loved the ride!

This from Pleasureland 2003


Flying Coaster!!

It gets better. This image courtesy of Phil Gould of Silcock's Flying Coaster in 1980 Pleasureland.


Both images from themagiceye's article: Going, Going, Gone
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Postby EAS » 17 May 2009, 09:43

Excellent news indeed!
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Postby jacoaster » 17 May 2009, 10:07

Well that's interesting....I thought the Wildcat was going to Fort Fun in Eastbourne? But still, good to see it's being rebuilt.
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Postby Neil » 18 May 2009, 09:11

Thanks for link Shane and thanks to New Pleasureland forums for continuing to provide updates. This is excellent news (although I too had heard the Fortfun rumour).

Really looking forward to doing Camelot and Pleasureland after my exams finish in a week or so.

Ski Jumps are a lot more exciting than they look. Will be a fantastic addition.

Has Storm gone now? If so it's good to see a new medium size coaster stepping in to take its place.
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