Royal Coronation Midgets

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Royal Coronation Midgets

Postby sbtak70 » 22 Aug 2005, 11:08

Hi, I am currently researching my family tree and wondered if anyone knew any information regarding a postcard I have of my Gr.Grandfather Alec Ball and a midget show which was at Dreamland.


We think the postcard would have been from around 1937 and Alec had close links with John Lester's Midget Circus (also called Lester's Midget Town) which peformed all over the country, but seemed to work alot at The Blackpool Tower Circus.

Alec came from a wide performing family, his full name was Alexander Codrington Ball.

If anyone can help, that would be great, even if it's just anything to do with where abouts the performances took places in the park etc.

Many thanks,
Tracey :)
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Postby Sarah » 27 Aug 2005, 10:41

The Dreamland Remembered book has a photo of the Royal Coronation Midgets, showing them in a little room busily decorating and doing DIY. If that's your Great Grandfather in the postcard, it also looks like him overseeing the work. The caption reads:

"In 1937 the Royal Coronation Midgets spent the season at Dreamland and were soon at work building their summer quarters. The public paid to see them go about their daily chores and watch their acrobatic displays."

I can't find any other references to them, but if you want a copy of the book I think Nick sometimes has second-hand ones - there's a link on the Home page.

Good luck with your research.

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Dreamland Ride

Postby micktee » 28 Aug 2005, 11:59

Following your posting about the Midget Town, and Sarahs follow up regarding the feature in the Dreamland Remembered book, I can recall a Midget town at Dreamland in the mid-1950's [ Dreamland is a hobby of mine, and I have lived in Margate al my life] the small town was constructed in what was known as No. 5 hall, which was on the left of what is still the main entrance to Dreamland, this area now houses a novelty shop. the picture that appears in the Dreamland book [although I could not be certain] is more than likely the Midget Town that was featured in the 50's and not 1937. I will try to archive through our local newspapers any further information, and pass it on.
Good luck with your research.
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Alec Ball & Royal Coronation Midgets

Postby sbtak70 » 08 Dec 2005, 17:17

Hi all, many thanks for your replies. I have just bought a copy of the book from Nick... I must admit I haven't been doing a lot on my search lately due to work committments, but I always find things fall into place in great chucks anyway!

I have been to Dreamland quite a bit during the 1990's and also have a friend that still lives there. I clearly remember an arcade entrance through to the funfair, and yes there were (are?) novelty shops and things along there... small world ay?

Well, thank-you so much again, and I will always be grateful if you find anything else.

Cheers, Tracey (sbtak70) :D
Tracey :)
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Postby RowBot » 09 Dec 2005, 15:24 ... ht=midgets
Thats another forum wot meantions the midgets but not alot of info there and been searching the web and tracey, you seem 2 be the only person i can find with info lol

PS post is by Nick Evans the person who wrote the book
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Re: Royal Coronation Midgets

Postby Mikesears » 22 Sep 2016, 10:37

Hello, this thread might be closed now but I have a theatre bill for Margate Hippodrome (no date) John Listers Royal Coronation Midgets were top of the bill, my Mother and Aunt , The Swan Sisters were also on the bill so it would be mid to late 30s
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