Congratulations Sarah

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Congratulations Sarah

Postby Nick » 09 Apr 2007, 18:46

Congratulations to Sarah Vickery, on the birth of her baby at 9.10am on Thursday 5th April. Baby Vickery weighed 5lb 10oz. The baby's name is still undecided. Mum and baby both doing well!

To see a picture of the baby with Dave Collard, visit the News page.
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Postby David Ellis » 09 Apr 2007, 21:36

Many congratulations Sarah.

Nick said that the baby's name was undecided (funny name I thought), but neglected to say if you had a boy or a girl! I am sure it was one or the other!

Best wishes to you and your new baby!

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Postby Neil » 09 Apr 2007, 21:44

Congratulations. In this thread Nick says the name is still undecided, as if the baby's name might change. I wouldn't recommend changing the baby's from undecided too soon, it might give it an identity crisis.

I hope it all goes well. Best wishes
Neil Wilson
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Postby Nick » 09 Apr 2007, 22:01

Sorry, it's a girl!

I thought Undecided was a lovely name actually.
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Postby dave771 » 09 Apr 2007, 23:31

Congrats to Sarah and Colin and not forgetting Nanny Pat ! All the best Sarah and will be there for babysitting duty as and when required !!!

Loads of love Dave x x x
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Postby RowBot » 10 Apr 2007, 00:10

Congrats Sarah :D I'm just going to news page now to check out the pics.

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Postby Strongbow55 » 10 Apr 2007, 01:14

Congratulations Sarah :D
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Postby JMT » 10 Apr 2007, 06:37

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Postby porf » 10 Apr 2007, 07:40

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!

Glad to hear everyone's fine.

Paul and Rhyannon
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Postby vince69619 » 10 Apr 2007, 08:45

Congratulations Sarah!!!!

You kept that quiet! :wink:

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Postby Hairy Vince » 10 Apr 2007, 09:58

Perfect, If I need a baby to kiss for my election campaign, I now have a freshly made one!!!

Well done Sarah, may the force be with you!!
Hairy Vince
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Postby porterm » 10 Apr 2007, 23:41

Many congratulations Sarah and I wish you and your family all the best.

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Postby Jim Douglas Jr. » 11 Apr 2007, 22:36

WOW! Skip a day and see what happens!? People pop out a baby!
Good news, Sarah! :-)

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Postby Alan » 12 Apr 2007, 17:26

Congratulations, so pleased to hear of undecided's safe arrival how about Destiny a beautiful name for a beautiful little baby girl, although we suspect she will always be known as undecided to the campaign. Can we come to the shell grotto to see you all as we have a little gift for baby. Much love to you all.

Jacqui Alan Leanne and Eloise

PS We are coming to Margate on Sunday
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Postby Lou » 13 Apr 2007, 11:01

Yes, many congratulations, every happiness for the future, take lots of photos and lots of videos, theygrow up so quickly, mine are 20 and 24!
And don't forget the most important things to give her are love, kisses and cuddles.
Lots of love Lou and family xxx :wink:
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